About Us

About our organisation

TriumphPE partners with schools in offering Sports and Physical Education programs through a researched curriculum from NASPE, USA, for children to learn to live healthily for their lifetime. Our Yoga and Neurobics program is designed for the mind, body and spirit collaborated to enhance the child’s overall wellbeing. The Self defence program will help children stay safe from any unwanted situations. The three unique programs bring in Transformation which lasts for their lifetime.

  • Personalised Training
  • Certified PE Specialists
  • Easy-to-use Lesson Plans
  • Personalized Training
  • Premium Equipment


To provide fun based Sports, Physical education, Yoga and self-defense curriculum to contribute towards the holistic development of children.


To transform the Physical Education is imparted in India, such that it helps them learn about themselves, their bodies so they are Physically fit and mentally alert.


In order for a man to succeed in life, God gave him two means, Education and Physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together. With these means man can attain perfection – Plato