Self Defense

Life is a Gift but, its also unpredictable. Self Defense helps one prepare for the unexpected. Being able to protect one self in every situation is a confidence booster as much as it is a Reassurance. The students from middle school to colleges, learn how to defend themselves, and avoid becoming another victim of physical violence and abuse. Few of the innumerable benefits of the Self defense program:

  • Stronger sense of Safety & Power
  • Teaches Self-respect and Self discipline
  • Helps Develop a warrior spirit and a fighters reflex
  • Improves Physical conditioning

Why Triumph Self Defense Program?

In the practice of Triumph self defense program the ultimate aim is of Self-development & Self-realisation!

  • Improves Phtsical Fitness & Mental Alertness The locomotor, non locomotor & manipulative movements develop the gross and fine motor skills resulting in holistic improvement in physical fitness the children participating benefit from improved co-ordination, strength, agility, balance, flexibility, speed and reactivity.
  • Teaches Concentration and Focus Martial arts and self defense are widely acknowledged for their ability to cultivate concentration and Focus, which can help them perform better in every area of life including academics.
  • Develops Communication, Listening & Social Skills Listening to and following instructions are the fundamental aspects of a self defense Program. It helps students speakup for themselves and these programs are delivered in groups which helps them learn group behaviour and build their social skills further.
  • Teaches Nutrition, Anatomy & Hygiene Why do we need to eat well and what is the balanced diet that each individual body requires, it gives an opportunity to connect with the human anatomy and hygiene practically.
  • Develops Confidence and Awaress of Danger Students learn to be more aware and present to their surroundings causing them to react more efficiently in any cases of danger like assult, harrasment and even stranger danger. Through self defense programme children will also learn to use their eyes and ears to be aware of the things that could mean danger and they can avoid them and stay safe. Children learning self defense program will also develop awareness across broad range of safety topics like Road safety, water safety, fire safety etc..
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