Yoga & Neurobics

Triumph Yoga & Neurobics is a structured program comprising of various stages of learning according to the age and ability of the child. It has stages of learning like Early learning or KG to 2; 3 to 6; and 7 to 12 classes. These fun based child centric exercises result in a fit & alert mind. Our program’s goal is to

  • Help one-increase memory
  • Remember better through better auditory processing
  • Increase ability to learn new information & Retain learning
  • Increase brain attention & creativity & Prevent mental ageing

Why Triumph Yoga & Neurobics Program?

In the practice of Triumph yoga & neurobics the ultimate aim is of Self-development & Self-realisation!

  • Triumph Yoga & Neurobics Program Improves mind – body connection resulting in an improvement in the child’s overall fitness, muscle strength, core strength agility, balance, co ordination, spatial awareness, hand-eye co ordination, academic and sports performance improvement.
  • Triumphpe program is different from exercises and Gym, as the & invigorating other forms of activities concentrate only at a physical level, where as this program concentrates at a mental and spiritual level as well.
  • It’s a wonderful, conscious, body movement & breathing practice tool that offers children discipline in mental, physical & emotional states. It strengthens the body and sharpens the brain which  makes children perform their best in all aspects of life for a lifetime.
  • Triumphpe program is designed for the children to promote their physical as well as mental health. It is also helpful for the teachers, as it creates a healthy environment where students become obedient learners
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